Transcat Cat Door - Glass Fitting

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The Transcat Cat Door Clear is found in homes throughout Australasia. It has been on the market for over 30 years. In that time there have been significant improvements but the door still fits into the same size hole in glass. While it is designed primarily for glass (single glazing) it can also be fitted into other materials.

The Transcat Cat Door Clear is one of the largest cat doors on the market and it is also suitable (as a standard cat door) for miniature dogs. Made from tough, polycarbonate plastic. 

The Transcat Cat Door Clear is the ideal product for installation into glass. It is robust, unobtrusive and easy to clean. The door can easily be upgraded to allow electronic locking. The product is proudly designed and manufactured in New Zealand with a generous 180mm x 170mm flap.

  • Ideal for installation into glass
  • 4 way locking
  • Can be upgraded to electronic locking
  • Made in New Zealand