Microchip Pet Feeder App connect (hub not included)

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Microchip Pet Feeder Connect, the latest of the Sure Petcare range Sureflap. The ultimate Cat Feeder, Only your cat set with microchip can use it.

Download the app, The Microchip Pet Feeder Connect links to the Sure Petcare app via the Hub, which connect to your home router.
Each Hub can connect up to ten devices, including our connect doors. You’ll need the Microchip Pet Feeder Connect and the Hub to use the Sure Petcare app.

NOTE: Hub not included as from experience most people ask to sell without hub as they already have it as they have one of the connect doors, Hub is listed separately.

feeder can be used as the microchip feeder without hub, 

On your smartphone through the app
1.Access multiple pet profiles from home screen.
2.View the unique dashboard for each pet to get an overview of their feeding activity. 3.Discover the times of day that your pet normally likes to feed and how much they eat at each visit to help you identify any changes in feeding pattern, which could be an indication of illness or stress.
4.Personalise the setup of your feeder to suit your cat. You can set up two different food types and set the portion amount or set the training mode and lid close delay.
5.Record of actions by product, pet or user. Give friends, family and pet sitters access to the Sure Petcare app so you can see your pet is being properly fed whilst you are away. Set the portion weight and select the food type (wet or dry or both) using the Sure Petcare app. The LEDs illuminate as you add food and flash when you have reached the correct weight.
*Sealed Bowl keeps food fresher
*Stops other pets stealing food
*Ideal for weight management
*Reduces pet food odours
*Keeps flies away from food
*For pets on prescription diets
*Works with all common microchips
*1 x Sureflap microchip RFID collar tag included (if cat not microchipped)
*Included 1 x Grey Bowl 1 x Grey Split Bowl 1 x Grey Mat
*Typical battery life 6 months. requires 4x C Batteries, recommend to usu Alkaline Batteries, Batteries not included

Overall size 200mm high x 320mm long