Magnetic Cat Door - Glass Fitting (Catwalk)

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This door suitable for glass installation. Cat-walk Magnetic Cat Door G-MCDW

Multi Magnetic System, eliminating costly battery replacement.
No more locked out pets due to battery failure.
Keeps stray cats away.
Generous flap size 170mmx155mm.
No maintenance.
3 year warranty.
Self lining door,
Stainless steel screws.
Auto self closing,
magnetic location.
Suits cats and small dogs.
Comes with 2 magnets for collar
245mm diameter hole in glass required for this door.

*Please note can not install into existing double glazing or safety glass. For installing into Double glazing or safety glass, new glass would need to be ordered with hole pre-cut.

To Christchurch and surrounding areas, I am a qualified glazier and can do installation, timber door and glass fitting, and replace any glass that's required for pet doors.