Dog Door PC11-Large Wood Fitting

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Pet-corp Large insulated dog door for wooden doors and panels.

*Generous flap size 295mm x 425mm suits small to large dogs, 25kgs max weight, 550mm max shoulder height.

*Energy saving insulated flap designed for both cold and hot climatic conditions.

*Designed for all wooden doors and panels with maximum depth up to 53mm.

*Robust construction with UV stable 100% Polycarbonate flap ensures a virtually unbreakable door.

*2-way manual locking system (in/out, locked) to control your pets entry and/or exit.

*5 additional security pins give added strength to flap locking system.

*Low maintenance self-lining door & self-closing flap, with brush weather seal, helps keep draughts out.

Installation available for Christchurch buyers only.

To Christchurch and surrounding areas, I am a qualified glazier and can do installation, timber door and glass fitting, and replace any glass that's required for pet doors.