CATMATE Cat Door glass fitting

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The attractive circular styling of the 4-way locking flap is popular for wooden panel doors in addition to glass & acrylic. It is particularly recommended for single/double glazing.

*Please note can not install into existing double glazing or safety glass. For installing into Double glazing or safety glass, new glass would need to be ordered with hole pre-cut.

* Self lining to 32mm thick - ideal for all single/double glazing and any panel from 0 - 32mm thick.

* Silent action will not frighten pats or disturb owner.

* Transparent flap is preferred by most cats and is made from super tough polymer.

* Draft & weatherproof fully brush sealed flap with magnetic closure.

* Rainproof seal

* Easy to use, tamper proof 4-way lock - unlocked, in only, out only and locked.

Overall size 245 mm diameter
Cut out size 223 mm diameter